Monthly Archives: June 2013

Making Space

IMG_1462Today officially marks the 38th week of pregnancy. Whoa. Jus and I are thrilled, and a little apprehensive (not to mention emotional. Or maybe it’s just me that gets teary over everything these days. Let’s not talk about who was sniffling during Man of Steel…).

There’s just so much we don’t know yet. So much I don’t know. And that’s a little scary. I can barely keep a plant alive for longer than a week… Let alone a tiny human. Thank goodness for Jus, and his level headed, straightforward way of looking at things. He keeps my perspective in check, and reminds me that we don’t need to know everything all at once. Nobody does.

And so, we wait. And I’ll keep daydreaming of our sweet smelling baby.

Care to see some pictures of this little fella’s bedroom? This used to be our office/craft area, but, we’ve done a little rearranging since those days.IMG_1458Our crib came from ikea, as did our forest friends. I made his quilt right after we found out he was a boy. The crib sheets my mom and I made using this handy tutorial. I made the tree swag by cutting up old paper sacks (it pays to be a hoarder sometimes), and strung it with bakers twine. (Not to worry, we’re getting rid of all those cords under his crib.)

IMG_1447The sleeping fox pillow is probably one of my very favorite things about his room. It makes me smile every time I see it. And the rocking chair he’s sleeping on is pretty comfy too. Also from Ikea

IMG_1450You can find the artwork on the wall here, here, and here. The other, smaller prints are pieces of scrapbook paper from Pebbles Inc. Lakeside collection. (A note on the bear print: I looked around for this piece for a while, and never found it online. I assumed it was not longer available for purchase, so in the end, I decided to recreate my own version. Since then, I have found the artist, and his shop! So, the link to the real, cuter version of this print is listed above. There’s some other great art in his shop too, so check it out!)

Now all we need is a baby, and the room will be complete! Thanks so much for letting me share with you!