Freebie Time

take time to be friendly

Happy Fourth of July! Hope you’re celebrating and partaking in a BBQ or two. I’m celebrating by watching Seinfeld episodes in my air conditioned home, thank you. (With my laptop perched atop this watermelon belly.) Maybe we’ll watch fireworks on TV tonight, who knows….

Pretty. Dang. Festive.

But, with all of this “taking it easy” comes a freebie today! Sorry I missed it yesterday. This is a quote by the ever-so-lovely Julia Child. How adorable is she?

Like before, the PDF download is below, while you simply have to right click the PNG image above and save to your computer. Thanks for taking a look! 

Have a safe rest of your holiday!


take time to be friendly (pdf)

*free for personal use only. not for resale.

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