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Hello, hello!

It is hot in our neck of the woods. And baking a baby makes the temperature outside feel a zillion degrees warmer than it really is. Praises be for the AC!

With all of this hot weather, and me staying inside, I’ve had some time to think about my Project Life kit, currently sitting on my side of our desk. I haven’t started… yet. I used to do traditional scrapbooking, but life changes, passions shift, and scrapbooking was left to the wayside. I’d feel guilty, flipping through my scrapbook, only to see bigger and bigger gaps of time in between layouts. I think it’s incredibly important to document life, and keep it recorded somewhere. That’s one of the reasons I think scrapbooking is so great. But, I needed a different way to go about it. Something to get my juices flowing again.

Enter Project Life. This makes me excited to scrapbook once more! What appeals to me the most about it, is you can make your pages as simple or complex as you’d like. There’s no rules. I like that. This post has really given me some inspiration. And now, I can’t wait to get going.

So, in honor of newfound inspiration, here are some printable 3X4 cards that are meant to fit the pockets of the Project Life page protectors. More will be coming soon!

*Some elements of certain cards are hanging off the cut line, and there is a bleed around some of the cards. I did that on purpose in order to achieve the look I wanted in the final, cut card. So, if you just cut along the card outline, you’ll be set. Happy scrapping!

project life 3×4 cards pdf

project life 3×4 cards (png)




48 thoughts on “project life printable download

  1. Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy

    Thank you these are wonderful and gorgeous. I was where you were last year, 110 plus with no AC (storm took it out) and due in 3 days YUCK! HUGS and lots of ICE!

  2. Mary Lynn

    Thank you so much for these very nice cards. I do not know about “Project Life” so I am going to search. I can see using these on journal papers too.

  3. Ashley

    Saw your cards on Pinterest and had to do a little bit of clicking to get here but these cards are awesome. Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to get them printed and added to my album.

  4. Janet D

    Thank you so much for sharing these! Just printed them out and can’t wait to put them in my Project Life Album!

  5. Cameron

    Thanks so much for these! Start doing Project Life!! I started January 1, 2011… later that month I found out I was pregnant and so I have my daughter’s ENTIRE life documented, from my positive pregnancy test (LOL) to now when she’s almost 2. She loves looking at my albums and pointing out all the people and things she recognizes. It’s awesome! You won’t regret it!

    1. Ali Martin Post author

      That’s awesome that you have her entire story from pregnancy onwards! What a treasure! Thanks for the motivation!

  6. Lizzy Hill

    Hi there – a good friend just shared your PIN with me, which led me here….I’ve just started PL & these look totally AWESOME….thanks for the freebies & I’m off to check out your ‘home’ now:):):) From a Lizzy, not an Izzy):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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